Will Window Tint Last?

Will Window Tint Last?

Do you know that the window tint market is estimated to be $9.3 billion worth? It comes with benefits like protecting your home from the UV rays, keeping the outsiders at bay, cutting on energy bills as well as ensuring safety in case of accidents and burglaries. However, just like any other window, they get to a point where they need a repair or replacement. How long will window tint last?


There are different types of tint. Apart from their model, other factors like weather conditions and maintenance determine their lifespan. Below, we look into some of the factors that determine the lifespan of your desired tint.

For instance, a decorative tint gets to wear off faster than a tiled tint as they are more durable. Despite being more expensive, the tiled tints last longer, saving you from replacement costs after a short while. This makes it more worth it in the long run.

will window tint last

How to differentiate the best window Film Brand from A Weak One?

If you are wondering how to know whether a certain tint is good or not, then a warranty is a good place to start. The longer the warranty, like 20 years or so, the better. A lifespan warranty is even more fantastic. The best window tint film brand will have a longer warranty and will also be able to withstand environmental factors like extreme sunshine.

Factors that Determine a Window Tint Lifespan

Window Tint Type for instance, a ceramic tint lasts longer than a decorative one. While the ceramic is made to be strong and durable, the decorative is to serve the aesthetics of your home. If longevity is what you are going for, then the cost of the ceramic will be worth it.

1. Weather Conditions

Areas with heightened levels of solar deserve a stronger tint. With extreme UV rays, it means they are likely to wear off faster hence a more durable tint. The same applies to extra snowy regions since ice is known to reflect light.

2. Installation Expertise

The expertise level that goes into installing your tint determines the period that it’s going to last. Professionals know their way around with the adhesives and proper fixing on the window. They also help advise on the right tint to install, depending on your region. If you are looking to have your tint last longer, work with tint window experts.

3. Type of Brand

The Western Association for Art Conservation is working to determine the longevity of different brands. It’s doing this by exposing them to the factors that are likely to shorten their lifespan, like different weather conditions. The best window tint film brand can withstand harsh weather.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance practices like regular cleaning also help add to the longevity of your window tints. The cleaning agents may also affect the tints like those with Windex or alcohol. Regular soap and water are ideal for this process.

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