Fri, 21 Aug 2020 07:00:00 GMT

Keeping your home comfortable and cozy is the key to being happy.
San Antonio Window Tint can do that!
Window films and window tint technology are not the same as it was years ago. In the past years dark hues were used to window films to help absorb heat and harsh UV rays from the sun.
Sometimes, they add metals as heat and UV rays reflectors. It only means that if you wanted to reduce heat and glare in your house  you need to sacrifice Natural Lightning, which we find contradicting and inefficient cause you need to spend more in Interior lighting.
That will create more heating issues because as well all know lighting bulb, generates more heat. 
With todays more advanced technology, window film manufacturers uses absorbing materials and metals that naked eyes cannot see. This technology helps reduce the amount of Natural light lost when window tint is installed.

Studies says that Natural lightning and Artificial Lighting has significant impact on our moods. This is applicable in and very important in large corporate offices where people work closely to each other.

Natural Lightning coming from windows said to have a calming effect and peaceful effect on our moods. And it also have this effect on Metabolism and alertness. We all know that lack of light or artificial lighting can trigger depression, eyestrain and migraines. Select window film that will help you reduce and retain temperature in an office that will keep your staff upbeat and on task.

We all want an office with large windows or a desk facing a large window. In fact the newest trend in Energy efficiency is large windows that allows Natural light to fill the space, it will boil down to energy saving cause you will need less artificial lights to be installed in the premise. And one more thing, typical window tint helps you block sun’s harsh UV rays.

We all know UV rays can cause sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles and worst is Skin Cancer. Yes natural light can help brighten your mood, UV rays can damage your skin or even can suppress your immune system. Window tint in your office can block 99% of sun’s harmful UV rays, eliminates faster skin aging, or in some cases, low chances of depression.

What about your cars?
In the real world, we spend so much time in our cars, when you think about it, its almost your second home weather its your long drive to work, school, dropping off and picking up the kids and don’t forget the long summer road trips. It is essential to make sure that we look after our rides and car window tinting is one way to ensure that our car is protected not only the exterior but also the interior of your car. Window tinting helps to reflect strong and hot sunlight from your car. It would make your car cooler and will give you comfort especially in long drives. Sunlight can cause wear and tear of on your leather seats and any other accessories of your car. A darker car tint can make your car newer for longer  time. Not only that it also gives you, privacy and security.

Here in San Antonio Window Tint we understand that Natural Light is important, were here to give it an Upgrade by giving you the protection that you need. Automotive, Residential or Corporate!