Plant Caring from Window Films

When people hear about window tinting, they often think of tinting car windows. However, among the advantageous uses of the window tints is for homes. And this refers to a process of applying the transparent sheet of a film to the glass. American homeowners have increasingly adopted the home window tinting in recent years.

But for excellent and durable results, Alamo window tint is the real deal to give the best house window tint protection. But can someone choose the best window tint and go green? Does the window tint affect films affect plants? In today’s article, you will fully understand what our experts Alamo have for you when it comes to window tinting.

Essentially, your home window tinting help to keep away dangerous UV rays. And there are benefits that our clients stand to freely enjoy when you hire Alamo Company to offer window tinting services for you. Our experts will make your house look impressive and creates darker shade right in your house that could be convenient for various reasons.


plant caring from window films

However, like other misconceptions based on window firms, many homeowners think that it’s harmful to your house plants. Luckily, we have a honest guide to help know and understand the best window films for plants.

Alamo window tints offer premium window films for different businesses and homemade from the high-quality laminates and adhesives. Plus, our installers have high skills and are fully trained to ensure they offer a smooth installation which will not peel, bubble, or crack. In addition, we also offer our clients manufacturer warranty on our products and services.

Our window tinting services offer different advantages, right from building occupants and protecting your plants to lowering the energy bills. Also, our experts can recommend the best home window best window tint film products which will met your lighting requirements of prized house plants regardless of that they need a direct sunlight or a shade.

How window film can help house plants?

The solar control window film tends to only block the UV rays and not the blue and red rays which the plants need to flourish and grow. Amazingly, some plants will do better with the window films and tints, especially those that need less light that typically has dark green leaves. The delicate plants do better with the window film as it provides a more stable temperature.

What are benefits of window film tinting at your home, here they are:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved heat control and home comfort
  • Furnishing and furniture fade protection
  • Increased visibility
  • Enhanced skin protection


Can solar control window film block the natural light?

Basically, transparent window films for plant blocks the harmful UV rays and allow natural light to your home. And there are different colors and styles to select from to typically achieve an ideal balance between UV protection and natural light in your home. Alamo window tint has best-tinted window films to darken your windows so they can filter out visible sunlight that may block blue and red light.

In cases where the plants are receiving enough illumination, adding the window film in your home may highly percentage not harm them. However, it might take a few days for your greenery to adjust the new lighting conditions this can only impact a new plant flowering and growth at first days. If you choose to install the optically clear window tint film like UV guard, your plants greenly should notice very little difference.