Guides for Residential Window Tint Care

Guides for Residential Window Tint Care

Installing window tint for your home is a worthwhile decision, taking into consideration the benefits that come with such a project. Not only will it improve the aesthetic value of your home, but it will also present you with a more comfortable and glare-free home interior. After having your windows tinted and loving them, however, it might not be too long before you realize that you have to clean and care for them to get the most out of your investment. Luckily, cleaning tinted windows is not supposed to be a gruelling task as long as you use the right tools and techniques.

What is window film curing and how long does it take?

Curing basically refers to the drying of window tint after installation. After residential window tinting, it generally takes a few days to several weeks for the tint to cure fully. Temperature is one of the factors that directly affect the curing duration.

If the windows are able to receive direct sunlight or the temperature outside is high enough, the curing process should take a short period. On the other hand, windows that don’t receive direct sunlight or are in places with lower outside temperatures will take longer to cure.

Before the window film is fully cured, however, you should expect to see a blotchy, hazy, streaky appearance or bubbling. Once the moisture has evaporated completely, the clarity of the windows should improve notably. Home window tinting experts from San Antonio Window Tint recommend being extra careful and avoiding physical contact with the window tint during the curing process.


This means delaying cleaning or any other interaction with the windows until the film has cured completely. You will also have to keep curious pets and children away from the windows to avoid accidental scratches.

When can I clean my windows and how?

residential window tint care

The most ideal waiting period before cleaning tinted windows is one week after installation. Once your windows are ready to be cleaned, you can use a rubber squeegee and soft cloths to clean the windows.


While cleaning your windows using a squeegee, be sure to exercise caution when handling the edges of the windows. We advise using a gentle ammonia-free window cleanser and warm water as the primary window cleaning products. It’s also highly recommended to avoid using akind of blades or scraping tools when cleaning your windows. That’s in consideration that any harsh or abrasive tools will scratch the film.

What if I accidentally damage or scratch the film?

You have to take extra care when handling your windows and especially when cleaning them to avoid scratching or chipping. Even though our films are protected by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty any damage caused when cleaning is not covered.


You ought to be mindful of the fact that window film damages are generally not repairable. In most cases, the only solution to damaged residential window tint is to scrape and replace the film. If, however, you notice any kind of damage to your windows, the best thing to do would be to contact San Antonio Window Tint. Once at your home, we simply have to assess the damage to determine whether it’s covered under a warranty.

What is the process of replacing the window tint in future?​

As one of the best home window tinting service providers in San Antonio, we deliver exceptional services to make your window film last a lifetime. However, we are always available to help you replace damaged window tints or install new tints on windows that have been replaced.

We advise you to retain your original invoice and warranty paperwork as they come in handy if you ever need our services in the future. Even though we also keep detailed records of our customers’ projects, knowing your invoice number will fasten the process.


Besides, such information can make it easier for us to match your original tint faster. We’d also appreciate it if you can always provide us with the dimensions of the window and your location, to facilitate an even smoother replacement or installation process.

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