Clearing Up the Confusion: Understanding Texas Window Tinting Laws

Window tinting is a popular option for many Texas residents, but it’s important to understand the laws and regulations around window tinting to ensure you’re staying safe and legal on the road. At San Antonio Window Tint, we believe in educating our customers about the laws and helping them choose the right tint for their needs. Here’s what you need to know about Texas’ window tinting laws:


  • Maximum allowable tint – In Texas, the front windshield must allow at least 25% of outside light to pass through, while the front side windows must allow at least 25% of outside light to pass through. Rear side and rear windows can be tinted to any darkness level.
  • Medical exemptions – If you have a medical condition that requires you to limit your exposure to sunlight, you may be eligible for a medical exemption from the window tinting laws. This exemption allows you to apply a darker tint to your front side and front windshield windows, as long as you have a letter from your doctor and a window sticker from the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Penalties for non-compliance – If you’re caught driving with illegal window tint in Texas, you could face a fine of up to $250. Additionally, you may be required to remove the illegal tint and have your vehicle reinspected before you can legally drive on the road again.
  • Tint installer responsibilities – In Texas, window tint installers are required to provide customers with a receipt that includes the tint’s darkness level and a statement that the tint complies with Texas law. If you’re having your windows tinted, make sure you receive this information and keep it on hand in case you’re ever pulled over.


At San Antonio Window Tint, we take our responsibility to comply with Texas’ window tinting laws seriously. Our team of experts is trained to help you choose the right tint for your needs and ensure that your tinting installation complies with all applicable laws and regulations. If you have questions about the laws or want to schedule a tinting consultation, contact us today. Call us now!