Breaking Down Texas Law: The Truth About 5% Tint on Front Windows

When it comes to window tinting laws in Texas, many people are confused about the legal limits for tinting the front windows of a car. Specifically, there is a misconception that 5% tint, also known as “limo tint,” is legal on the front windows in Texas.


However, the truth is that Texas law prohibits any tinting on the front windshield except for a visor strip along the top edge. As for the front side windows, Texas law allows tinting up to 25% on all passenger vehicles, including trucks and SUVs.


The reasoning behind this law is to ensure that drivers have maximum visibility and can clearly see the road and any potential hazards. Tinted windows can also make it more difficult for law enforcement officers to identify drivers and passengers during traffic stops, which is another reason for the legal limits.


So, what happens if you get caught with 5% tint on your front windows in Texas? The consequences can be serious. According to Texas law, the first offense for illegal tint can result in a fine of up to $250. Subsequent offenses can lead to higher fines and even the possibility of having your car impounded.


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